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Dying Out
What do you do when that feeling falls out
And everything you were so sure of turns into doubt
When the conversations aren't as long
When you know the feelings aren't as strong
When everything starts to fall behind
When he starts being unkind
Not like himself, the way he was before
The way you thought he was, he wasn't anymore
He finds another way of saying goodbye
He can no longer look you straight in the eye
This is how things get when he starts to slip away
And you could care less if you talk to him today...
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LOST: undecided title
A love lost, it's time to let go.  I thought I knew what was coming but I guess I didn't know.  I wanted to prove him wrong and make him see that when I left I wouldn't be forgetting.  I wanted to stay with him but I guess I'm naive and now I'm not sure what to believe.  I thought I was going to love you forever, but now that we're not together, he doesn't act the same and I don't know what's happening and I don't know who to blame.  All the times we could've shared are gone so now all we can do is move on.
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If the Love Dies
It hurts to think that you're having doubts
I try to avoid the thought of being withou
You in my life, I just couldn't live
If I lost you it would be hard to forgive
Myself for the decisions I made
And the roads I chose to take
The first love I have to lose, if lost
I'd know it would've been all my fault
But then I take the time to stop and rewind
To discover that maybe the fault wasn't all mine
And if you would've tried
That maybe our love wouldn't have died.
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Leaving You
The tears have soaked my pillow wet, I haven't slept
I've been thinking of you and what we're gonna do or how it's gonna be once I pick up and leave
If you'll wait for me, I just don't know
And it's this thought that makes it hurt to go
The thought of you not being by my side or holding me as we sleep at night
Tears me up inside
The timing's bad, that's all I can say
And if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be so sad
I wish I could come back to you with your arms wide open
But am I supposed to expect you to take me back again
Once I've left you here to think that maybe
I would forget you but baby
That'll never happen
And you better believe it's true
One way or another I'll be back for you
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The World with You
How come I can't see the world when I think of you and smile and can't think of anything else for awhile?
I know this thought is true
'Cause I can't see the world when I think of you...
How come I can't feel the world when I touch your face or when you hold my hand, and I can't even feel the place where I stand?
I know this feeling is true
'Cause I can't feel the world when I feel you...
How come I can't hear the world when you're around me even though there's a million people surrounding?
I know what you say is true
'Cause I can't hear the world when I hear you...
How come when we're together all I want to do is stay with you in your arms forever?
I know that you are true
And I don't need the world when I'm have you...
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Love, to Me
When I close my eyes to dream, all I see is you
My eyes see your face, nothing else is in view
Your lips against mine and you are all I breathe
My heart stops beating, you provide the life for me
You call me on the phone, reality escapes me
The world falls behind and everything is fading...
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The Origin of Originality
Original, oriri,
to rise
the rising of the sun and moon
the rising of spring from the earth
continuos flow
A sense of time
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Brittany's Song
Do you see what you did to me?
Can you see right through me?
Can't you see my pain?
I got this pain from you, you gave it all to me.
At least you said you were sorry.
I lie to myself, you are not real
You're not real in what you feel
I shouldn't have fell, I shouldn't have trusted
I didn't mean to do it but I still got busted
Maybe one day you'll see what you've done to me
Maybe one day I'll slam my finger in the door and learn to pay attention.
Maybe one day I'll get what I asked for and learn not to make the same mistakes again.
Maybe one day I'll lose the bet and learn not to gamble.
Maybe one day I'll see your face and learn not to fall for it again.
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I Haven't Learned
Of all the things I've grown to know, these are some I haven't;
I haven't learned to bite my tongue
When something's on my mind
I haven't learned to do no wrong
Or to be peaceful all the time
I haven't learned to tell my dreams
Of being whole again
I haven't learned to swim in streams
That have no strength or sin
I haven't learned to leave this world
Or to die a wrongful death
I haven't learned to be this girl
That I have never met
I haven't learned to deal with strains
In everyone else's way
I haven't learned to fight these chains
That captivate my day
Of all the things I haven't learned, I wonder what I have
I wonder if I'll ever know the things I never had
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Same may not believe
But this thought we'll achieve
One day I shall meet
The one my love life will greet
The one I won't fail to see
The one that will never leave
A love between
That will grow to be
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Moon Dream
Dancing on the moon
Just me and you
On this night, so blue
With feelings so true
The songs we danced to
I can remember a few
Our time is passed due
And we should stop dancing, but we won't
Not for the world, not in this world
My long dress will twirl
Our thoughts will whirl
Fingers will curl
And we'll never stop dancing.
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My Hands are Finished Shaking
My Hands are Finished Shaking
You're packing your bags, getting ready to leave, and not a word is said.
I'm thinking to myself, why did you do this to me and at the same time, will I ever see you again.
Now when we do look at each other, the connection is no longer there.
We do not see one another the same and our hearts are no longer aware.
You walk out the door and prepare yourself to depart and still no words are said.
I embrace the thoughts, words, and feelings that linger inside my head.
The car drives away slowly and my heart continues braking.
But now that you are gone, my hands are finished shaking.  
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Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions
You treated me bad and I kept coming back
You led me down an empty path
Took me through a world of grief
And made me forget all my beliefs
But now that's over
Never again will I fall at your feet
And keep your hand at my heart
Because all you would do is tear it apart.
No longer can you look down on me
Free from the thought, free from the pain
I will never go through that again.
When I thought you had more than the world had to offer
I gave up my life and you took it  over
My thoughts are clear and there is no more pain
You were simply thrown my way
Now you're gone and I'm here to stay
Free to share, free to love
Whoever happens  to come.
Not bound by your false words
Or the times spent before
I've gotten everything I lacked
It's over now and there's no turning back
The emotions were tangled now they've been set free
Now you can't trap me and neither can they.
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Outer Space by greenblowfish Outer Space :icongreenblowfish:greenblowfish 0 2
In my Own World
I'm in my own world with feelings of peril
I'm not paying attention; my thoughts are too sterile  
I finally notice the shadow that lingers behind
I'm trying to run for cover, there's only one thing I find
Something I'm seeing; a building so tall
Extremely large windows and empty, narrow halls
I'm seeing something bright, my eyes catching a glare
Searching ahead of myself, feeling nothing but air
My back takes a hit, I'm falling to my knees
An unimaginable attack, someone help me please
I'm lying on the floor now; I don't know where I am
I don't know what I'm doing; I don't know where I've been
I'm burning out fast, don't think I can stay
I'm bleeding too quickly, I'm slipping away
A surge of sleepiness, I'm feeling so weak
Fears in my head that continue growing
What's going on now; the pain isn't slowing
My body feels heavy; I may be stuck
Strong hands search; they are lifting me upů
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Bad News
Turn on the T.V., two boys dead
One stabbed in the chest, one shot in the head
A vicious attack, a gunshot wound
More to come; please stay tuned
A stupid advertisement and a "welcome back"
Here's a report on a guy named Jack
Caught in a fire, dead in half a minute
A house burnt down with only Jack in it
That's all for tonight, see you tomorrow
Be sure to join us, we'll be bringing more sorrow.
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Emily Stewart
United States
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Personal Quote: "...the truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for
I know I haven't submitted anything in a really long time.  I've had this giant artistic block stopping me from writing that's been up for a couple years now.  It's really sad.  I miss writing poetry, learning new things on the guitar, and even doing art.  I have done a few things, but very little and obviously I haven't submitted any of them.  Hopefully I can get some new things on here soon though.  Of course if I didn't it's not like I've got great artistic talent or anything, so no one's really missing out.
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